Saturday, August 2, 2008

Trading deadline

Well, the trading deadline has come and gone. Three future Hall of Famers were traded within 24 hours (Pudge, Manny, and Junior). Some of them were good deals, some of them weren't good deals.
Let's start with Pudge. The Tigers traded him the the Yankees for Kyle Farnsworth. For the Yankees, this was Christmas in July. They aquired a great catcher to replace the injured Jorge Posada who is out for the rest of the year. Pudge will only be a Yankee for the last two months of the season before he becomes a free agent and heads to Florida to return to the Marlins. The Tigers received reliever Kyle Farnsworth...and nothing else. Some Tiger fans will remember Farnsworth from the '05 season. He has a fantastic arm with a fastball topping out in the upper 90's. However, during the past few seasons he has become notorious for blowing leads late in the game. I know that the Tigers needed bullpen help, but in my mind they still haven't gotten it. Farnworth(less) will not help them out at all and will be out of Detroit once his contract is up.

Next up is Manny. I'll admit, I'm a Boston Red Sox fan. I was a big fan of Manny and understood the phrase of "Manny being Manny". Lately though, it has become a distraction. It shouldn't take a major league player over 5 seconds to run from home plate to first base! Heck, even Bartolo Colon says that Manny is slow. But, Manny does one thing well. He drives in runs. Once he retires, we will see him in the Hall of Fame. That being said, he shoudn't be a distraction to the team. He has openly criticized the Red Sox management and made it so that they had to get rid of him. I believe that this trade was a win/loss for the Sox. It was a win because they got rid of a big distraction and now can concentrate on playing baseball. It was a loss because they had to rid themselves of one of the greatest right handed hitters of all time. I do like the acquisition of Jason Bay though. He will do a solid job.

Finally, Junior Griffey getting traded to the Chisox. I like this trade for both clubs because Cincinnati wasn't going anywhere anytime soon (playoff wise). So they got some decent prospects and rid themselves of Griffey's contract. The White Sox acquired a future Hall of Famer that they hope will be that little extra "oomph" that they need to get back to the World Series. I am a bit concerned with putting Griffey in center field. Hopefully for the White Sox, this move won't backfire on them. He had the reputation for getting hurt in years past and will have to cover a lot of ground in center field.

These moves should provide for a very interesting last two months of the season. Can Tampa stick it out and capture their first playoff birth in team history? Will Manny bring the Dodgers back to the promised land? Can the Red Sox repeat? Only October will tell.

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