Sunday, August 31, 2008

The race is on!

With the regular season winding down (including the game going on right now, the Red Sox have only 27 games left in the regular season), the pennant race is heating up for the Red Sox. As I write this, they are 4.5 games behind the Tampa Rays for the division and 3.5 games ahead of the Minnesota Twins for the wild card lead.

For a team that is missing so many of their regular starters (Beckett, Lowell, Youklis), they are playing surprisingly well. Dustin Pedroia is really stepping up his game by getting a hit in 11 consecutive at bats.

For baseball fans whose teams still have playoff aspirations, this is the best time of the season. Every run scored let's us breathe a little easier. Each out that our defense gets allows us to relax a bit more.

This is only the beginning of baseball's playoff atmosphere. Each out, run scored, and every pitch is more and more important as we inch closer to the end of the regular season.

Right now is an exciting time of the year for baseball fans. So "get your popcorn ready" because this will be fun to watch.

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