Monday, August 25, 2008

Life Lessons

My wife and I were at a Frontier League baseball game this past weekend during our vacation. We had a great time watching the Traverse City Beach Bums take on the Southern Illinois Miners.
The Beach Bums, like most minor league teams, have an on-field personality that helps run the in between inning promotions. This person directs the crowd by getting them to cheer for the contestants as they perform those crazy contests that we all know and love (the dizzy bat race is my personal favorite).
The person doing this for the Beach Bums, had no personality at all. We found him to be actually a downer, as he seemed not at all excited to be at the game. Granted, it is very close to the end of the season and he may have just been having a bad day.
But, I can't accept that as an excuse. In baseball, and any service oriented business, you need to treat every day like opening day.
This guy may have been full of personality and spunk for the whole season, but for my one game this year, he was dud. It almost seems like he's stopped caring about his job. And judging by the lack of attendance that night, the fans have stopped caring about the team. I hope that the Beach Bums can create a "fun is good" attitude over the winter and come back with a bigger and better season.

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