Monday, August 25, 2008

The IOC tells baseball and softball "You're outta here! (at least for the 2012 games in London)

Well, the Olympics are over in Beijing. With a fantastic closing ceremony, China handed over the Olympics to London for the 2012 summer games.

I'll be the first to admit to it, I didn't care for the Olympics before this year. It always seemed to be pretty boring. I just never got that interested in swimming, track & field, or diving. But this year I made myself watch and guess what? I'm a fan of the Olympics now. It was really amazing to see all of these athletes performing for their countries. It was really great.

But then I read an article stating that this was the last year for both baseball and softball as Olympic sports (at least for the 2012 games in London). Both baseball and softball can try and convince members of the IOC that they deserve to be Olympic sports, but do you really think that it will happen?

So why cut these sports? The IOC hasn't cut an Olympic sport since 1936 when they decided that polo wasn't fit to be in the Olympics. The article goes on to say that the IOC thought about replacing baseball and softball with sports like golf, rugby, squash, karate, or roller sports. ROLLER SPORTS?!?! Are you serious IOC? I can just see it now, the 2012 Olympic women's roller derby team is made up of members from teams like the Cosmonaughties, Dames of Destruction, Fresh Meat, or the Hard Knockers (believe it or not, these are all real roller derby team names).

If a sport needed to be cut, why not something other than baseball and softball? I looked at a list of all of the sports of this years summer games and found a few that are less popular than baseball and softball. Why not cut canoeing, badminton, BMX cycling (they have the X Games), trampoline, handball, or table tennis (better known as ping pong)?

The bottom line is that the Olympics made a mistake by cutting these two sports. They were definitely not hurting the Beijing Games at all and will be sorely missed in 2012 for the London Games.

Wake up IOC. Your decision has already gotten the 2012 Olympics off to a bad start.


Don said...

Interestingly, one of the reasons I heard that they wanted to oust Baseball and Softball was because Cuba was dominating Baseball and the USA was dominating Softball... No golds for either in 2008...

I vote we rid the Olympics of sync. diving & sync. swimming, gymnastics (both regular and rhythmic) and trampoline. Then maybe NBC will be forced to televise things that people care about...

madmax0324 said...

I like the idea...maybe we should start a petition.