Thursday, August 28, 2008

Instant Replay

Today is the day that will live in history for the game of baseball. Instant replay will be introduced in a select few ballparks today, and then be used in all ballparks starting on Friday. It will only be used after disputed home run calls, but not to determine balls or strikes. Over the past few weeks, MLB has been installing cameras at all of the stadiums that will be linked with their offices in Manhattan.

This has been a very hot topic for people. Some are in favor of it, others are not. I have not decided where I stand yet.

Their are many reasons for me being against instant replay. For one, people already complain about how long the games are. Instant replay will extend the length of the game, without a doubt. I guess that you can consider me to be an old school baseball guy, but I would rather not have to stop the game, go to the video, replay a home run to determine if it is fair or foul, and then come back to the field to announce the call. That just doesn't seem like baseball to me. I would like to see the umpires see everything with their own eyes and make the call. As Yogi Berra once said "You can observe a lot just by watching".

On the other hand, I am for it. If the Red Sox are in a tight game with a playoff berth or World Series championship on the line, I would like to see the umpires make the right call if David Ortiz hits a home run that looks foul but is actually fair. But, if a blown call by the umpire goes in my teams favor, then I don't want instant replay at all.

I don't think that we are ever going to come to a consensus on this topic. Instant replay has its advantages and its disadvantages.

If instant replay is instituted next year (the rest of this season is a trial run), where do we go from there? Will we next have the umpires explaining to the crowd why the made the call that they did? I can see it now, there is a close play at first and the umpire turns on his microphone to tell the crowd, "The first baseman #24 pulled his foot, allowing the base runner to safely reach first base".

If we have umpires turning on microphones to explain to the crowd what happens, then maybe we'll have hilarious situations like this...

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