Sunday, August 3, 2008

Free Agent Fan

I just wanted to let everyone know what I'm doing to help in my search for a new favorite NFL team. First of all, I've run out of patience with my previous favorite team, the Detroit Lions. So what I've done is emailed every NFL and AFL (arena football league) team that I could and told them that I am a long suffering, disgruntled Detroit Lions fan. I declared my fan free agency to each team (even the Lions) and asked them if they could tell me why I should be a fan of their team. I also asked what they could offer that the other teams couldn't. I remember reading about another person doing something similar to this but I don't remember what sport.
I supplied each team with contact info in case they wanted to get a hold of me.
To my surprise, five different teams contacted me! The Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, Houston Texans, and Seattle Seahawks all sent responses from the NFL. So far, only the Grand Rapids Rampage have contacted me from the AFL. Buffalo and Houston sent me nice fan packs and Grand Rapids sent me a box of merchandise!
I've given teams until August 9th to contact me and make their case. I will be making my decision on that day.
This has been a very fun project to work on. If anyone else is disgruntled with their hometown team, declare your free agency and find out what other organizations will offer you! The professional athletes shouldn't be the only ones that teams fight over.


Don and Emily said...

In choosing a new NFL team, I think you need to make sure you are choosing a team that isn't already winning consistantly. While I know that this is probably a temptation as you haven't really experienced the true feel of a win as a Lions fan, you don't want to be accused of just picking a team because they win. One way you could do this, is to avoid three categories of teams. 1 - Teams that participated in any of the last 3 Super Bowls (Patriots, Giants, Colts, Bears, Seahawks, Steelers) 2 - teams that have participated in the last 2 conference championships (this adds Chargers, Packers & Saints) 3 - teams that have participated in last years divisional playoffs (this adds Jaguars & Cowboys).

Just a suggestion as you sort through this painstaking yet very important process.

I had seen a guy do this in MLB as he was sick of being a Royals fan. I'm not sure how that turned out...

madmax0324 said...

I do agree with what you're saying. So far, the Houston Texans are in the top spot followed closely behind by the Kansas City Chiefs. I think that either way I go will give me a team to follow that is an up and coming team. I believe that the Chiefs are going to be the better fo the two.