Wednesday, August 6, 2008

For the last time...Favre (I hope)

I really hope that this is the last time that I feel like I have to talk about Brett Favre and this soap opera that he's created. He apparently left Green Bay's training camp and is at his house in town. I've been told that he's waiting around to find out what the Packers are going to do with him. The rumor that is going around is that Favre is going to be traded to the Buccanears sometime today. I think that is for the best.
As I was watching SportsCenter this morning they showed some footage of the Packers practice. All that I could hear were fans chanting "We want Brett, We want Brett". Well, I've got news for all you cheeseheads, he's not coming back. For the last few years he has been dragging his feet about whether or not he's going to play another season. Then, when he finally makes up his mind and files retirement papers, he decides that he's got the urge to play again!
Don't get me wrong, Brett Favre was a great quarterback and could probably still be a great quarterback if he plays again this year. But his actions so far have divided the town of Green Bay and possibly the Packers players themselves. He's also made it pretty much impossible for Aaron Rodgers to get any sort of fair shot to be the qb of the Packers. He already knew that he had some massive shoes to fill once Brett retires, but I don't think that he ever expected this to happen.
Oh sure, Favre is saying that he is staying away from Packers camp because it is in the best interest of the team. But the sure fact of the matter is that he doesn't care what's "best for the Packers". Brett is only interested in what's best for Brett.
I don't know if I'm the only one that feels this way or not. All that I hear on ESPN is that the Packers are better off with Favre and it is silly for them not to welcome him back. I believe that Favre feels like he's bigger than the Packers and is trying bully them into giving him his job back.
I for one am glad to see the Packers call this bully's bluff and send him off to another playground.

I've got another prediction for you all. Brett Favre will not play football this year in the NFL and Aaron Rodgers will leave Green Bay at the end of the year also.

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