Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A few tidbits...

Well, I am officially going on vacation and will not be posting until Sunday. So I thought that I'd touch on a few different things for you to think about for the rest of this week.

Is this years Olympic men's basketball team (the Redeem Team) better than the 1992 "Dream Team"? I'm going to say yes. Not to take anything away from the '92 team, but this years team is faster and is playing against much better competition.

Let's take this position by position, shall we?

1. Point Guard: Magic Johnson vs. Jason Kidd

Magic is a much better scorer than Kidd, and he brings more leadership qualities than Kidd. I would however give a slight edge to Kidd in the passing department. Overall though, I've got to give it to Magic. Advantage: Dream Team

2. Shooting Guard: Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant

This is the one on one match up that I think that everyone would love to see. They are both freaks of nature out on the basketball court. They are each tremendous scorers also. I feel however that MJ has that "killer instinct" and is able to put teams away by himself. In my opinion, Kobe has not made that step in his career into that upper echelon of super stardom like MJ did. Advantage: Dream Team

3. Small Forward: Larry Bird vs. Lebron James

Larry Legend is one of the greatest players in NBA history. He's won world titles, mvp's, and an Olympic gold medal in '92. But he's no King James. Advantage: Redeem Team

4. Power Forward: Charles Barkley vs. Carmelo Anthony

The round mound of rebound has and always will be one of my all time favorite players. He's never been afraid to voice his opinion on anything. And he's never been afraid to mix it up underneath the basket. Both he and Anthony are great shooters, but Carmelo is way too athletic for Chuck to handle. I've got to give this one to 'Melo. Advantage: Redeem Team

5. Center: Patrick Ewing vs. Dwight Howard

Patrick Ewing is no match for Superman in this one. They are both pretty evenly matched in terms of size, but Howard is way too athletic for Ewing. He takes this one hands down. Advantage: Redeem Team

Now, onto those crazy cats from Cincinnati, the Bengals. Yesterday they re-signed receiver Chris Henry. Chris Henry has been in trouble with the law many, and I do mean MANY times. A few months ago, Bengals management made very clear the fact that they cut Henry because he presented a negative image to the team. The following is a direct quote from the Bengals website where their president, Mike Brown, addressed the situation back in April.
"Chris Henry has forfeited his opportunity to pursue a career with the Bengals. His conduct can no longer be tolerated."The Bengals tried for an extended period of time to support Chris and his potentially bright career. We had hoped to guide him toward an appropriate standard of personal responsibility that this community would support and that would allow him to play in the NFL. We acknowledge those fans who had concerns about Chris; at the same time we tried to help a young man.
"But those efforts end today, as we move on with what is best for our team."
Apparently, the Bengals feel like Chris has learned his lesson. Isn't this just like sending a child to their room for misbehaving? This doesn't look good for the Bengals. For a team that has had countless run ins with the law, they should be trying to change their image. If anyone remembers the Portland Trailblazers from years past, their image was horrible. They were viewed as a bunch of overpriced pot heads. They have since changed the face and reputation of their team. Now the Bengals, with their reputation for employing criminals to play football for them, are bringing back one of the players most responsible for creating this mess!
I believe that their president, Mike Brown, is going to lose his job by seasons end. This will also end in head coach Marvin Lewis losing his job to.
Well, that's it for now. I'll be back to post on Sunday.

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The Witteveen said...

Cool read Matt. You should be a sports writer. I hear ESPN calling. You could be on one of those funny commercials with the mascotts fighting or something.