Sunday, August 3, 2008


I just heard the news that Roger Goodell has reinstated Brett Favre as an active player in the NFL. The Packers have 24 hours to either put him on their active roster or let him go. In that case he would either be traded or released.
I'm not a Brett Favre hater at all. I loved his performance in "There's something about Mary". I am getting sick and tired of is professional athletes retiring and then deciding that they still have the urge to play again and come back. Once an athlete retires, they should be able to ride off into the sunset and not come back. Two athletes come to mind that rode off into the sunset and then came back are Michael Jordan and the late Reggie White. Both are legends in their respective sports and came back after a few years off and did more bad then good on the field.
Granted, Brett Favre just "retired" back in March, and I've got no doubt that he can still play in this league. My problem is how he's handled it with his lack of decision making.
This drama has unfolded just like a soap opera. Favre retired in March and not long after that was paid a visit by some of the front office brass of the Packers (I'm sure that GM Ted Thompson was one of them) wanting to see if he would have any interest in coming back. Brett said no. Soon after that the Packers offered Brett a 10 year $20 million marketing deal with the club. This would mean that he would have to stay retired. Honestly, I do not know if Brett rejected this deal at the time or not. Then, once training camp came near, Brett started to make some noise down in Mississippi that he wants to play again.
Of course you have the urge to play again! This is all that you've known for the past ump-teen years. I'm sure that all retired players get that urge to play again once training camp starts. Go ask them. I doubt that the feeling ever goes away. I'm sure that Steve Yzerman would love to lace up his skates again. The same goes for Goose Gossage. I used to work in minor league baseball and I get the urge to work in that sport again whenever I go to a game.
I know that some people will argue that the Packers should take Favre back because he is the best quarterback that they have. I agree with this to a point. Yes, Brett is the best quarterback option that the Packers have right now. But, Favre has been dancing back and forth with the idea of retirement for the past few years. In my mind, the Packers got sick and tired of catering to him and his inability to make a decision. Once Favre "retired" in March, they went full steam ahead with the Aaron Rodgers experiment.
I hope for Brett's sake that he can finally make up his mind and commit.
"To play or not to play...that is the question"

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