Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Confirming my fanhood

Well, as I announced earlier, I am now a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. I felt pretty good about my decision, as I had given it quite a bit of thought. But, I got an email today from the Chiefs that confirmed my decision.

The customer relations representative from the Chiefs that had emailed me a few weeks ago sent me a response about my decision. She congratulated me and said that I had made the right choice. I will be getting a 2008 yearbook, fan guide and pocket schedule.

She ended by hoping that I can make it out to a game sometime in the near future and thanked me for choosing them as my new team.

Just the shear fact that she sent me an email thanking me for choosing them has confirmed my choice. Couple that with me not being able to send an email to the Lions because they were "closing the transmission channel" has made me very happy with my decision.

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